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Analyzing trends from the Super Bowl commercials
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The Underdogs of Advertising and Fashion

Most millennials have heard of Coachella. The three day, two-week music festival in Coachella Valley, CA. Coachella weekend one unofficially showcases the fashion trends for the end of spring/beginning of summer that current year. We look at how people are dressed at Coachella, read magazines highlighting the top fashion trends, and then follow suit. The Super Bowl does the same thing with their commercials.


25% of viewers, including myself, watch the Super Bowl mainly for the ads and secondly for the snacks (The snacks are my input, but snack strong my friends!). Over the past couple of years, Super Bowl Ads have become a draw of their own. Millions of dollars spent on a couple 30 seconds, previews of new products, releases, new movies, and of course the Budweiser commercial of the year.


We know that one of the most effective forms of marketing is storytelling, which is why the ads are so captivating. Companies no longer sell products, they sell feelings. “If you buy this, you will feel beautiful”. They sell statements. “If you own this car, people will see you as this person.” Marketing professionals also look at things that emotionally charge our society and use that to their advantage.


For others like me, football becomes the commercial in between information about new trends in marketing. It becomes the fashion week for advertisers and marketers alike. We get to see what the top dogs are doing and then watch everyone else follow suit.


No matter what side of politics you fall on, we can all admit that over the past few months there has been a push for inclusiveness and equality. There has been tension on both sides of these beliefs and plenty of conversations surrounding them. Where there is tension, there is emotion. And where there is emotion, there is marketing. There are two trends that seem tied for popularity for the next couple of months: Inclusiveness in America and women equality. Here are some of the commercials that fell into these two categories:


84 Lumber
It’s A 10


You may be thinking to yourself, “That’s 6 out of 51 commercials.” But just wait and watch the tone for marketing in these next few months. These six are setting the tone.

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