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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Live

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Live

Two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook’s live video feature, making it even easier for Facebook users to create and share videos with their followers. Although there are many great benefits to using this feature, it seems as though many businesses have failed to implement it into their marketing strategy, instead sticking to much more scripted and edited video content.


Here are eight reasons why we believe business owners should experiment with creating Facebook live videos:


They are Authentic


Facebook live videos show viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the “life” of your business. Because no scripts are used and the video can’t be edited, viewers will trust the fact that what they’re seeing is a true representation of the business that they are potentially buying from, and appreciate that they are seeing real people interacting like, well, real people.


Keeping this in mind, it is always good to go over what will be talked about in the duration of the video beforehand, so that no surprises pop up, like a long pause after a question is asked or the wrong information is given. Before filming, go over key talking points with your interviewees (or even yourself), and practice some camera angles that you can use while recording.


They Offer Unique Content


Facebook live videos can be used to film content that normally wouldn’t be filmed professionally, such as a how-to video for using a new product, a community event, or a discussion with a happy customer.


They are Informational


These types of videos are perfect for informing a customer about a product or service, and addressing any questions that they may have. In fact, a study by Sprout Social shows that social media postings, including Facebook Live Videos that responded to questions ranked as being favorable to 90% of Millennials and 79% of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.



Viewers are often encouraged to engage with the video and ask questions as they arise, perfect for reputation management. Questions can be answered in real time, because viewers are able to post comments and ask questions while the video is recorded that show directly onto the video screen, and therefore to all other viewers as well as the video creator. Because of this feature, Facebook live videos are much more engaging than typical videos, where viewers have no way to interact with each other. As the video creator interacts by answering questions that his or her customers may have, a relationship is formed. In fact, Facebook has reported a ten-fold increase in comments on Facebook live videos, when compared to standard video content.


They Build Excitement


Once they receive a notification that a business they follow is now live on Facebook, many viewers are curious to see what the video is about. Just from this initial notification, Facebook live builds more excitement about a video than a normal posting would have. On average, viewers watched a Facebook live video for 23 seconds in 2017, according to social video analytics company Delmondo. Compare this to a standard video in the Facebook news feed, which averaged 16.7 seconds in time spent, and you have a video that is already more effective, regardless of content.


They Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page


When viewers see that you are actively using Facebook, they are more inclined to tune into your page. Brand reputation can be built by continuously posting fresh and updated content.  Without such content, brand recognition is lost as viewers begin to push your brand to the back of their head. Stay relevant by continuing to post content, including additional, high-quality Facebook live videos. The more you can pull in views of your Facebook live videos, the better off you are at creating a steady stream of traffic back to your profile page.


You Can Save Your Video


A great bonus to the Facebook live video feature is the ability to save your live video. Typically, a Facebook live video is deleted 24 hours after it is posted, but with a saved video it can be uploaded to your business’s Facebook page or even shared to other social media sites such as YouTube or Instagram (for smaller clips). Therefore, if someone was busy at the time it was filmed and was unable to tune in, they are still able to go back and watch it at any time, thus maximizing viewership.


You can Track Your Video’s Analytics


As with any other post, Facebook account owners are able to track the performance of their live video using Facebook analytics. Measure things such as post engagement, average watch time, number of people reached, audience demographics, etc., and use this information to inform your future live videos.

It’s Free!


One of the greatest reasons for implementing the Facebook live video feature is because it is completely free to all Facebook users. Absolutely anyone with a Facebook account can use this feature to their advantage. Also, Facebook’s live video streaming is relatively reliable and high-quality, and, with good cell coverage, has little interference.


Overall, Facebook live is easy to use and a great addition to any marketing strategy. For help in adding Facebook live or other social media tools to your repertoire, feel free to contact M Marketing—we’d love to help you learn how to implement free tools like this!

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