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How to Build a Stronger Video Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Stronger Video Marketing Strategy

Video is a great way to engage with potential customers on a more personal level. Here are ten tips to make sure that your videos will attract an audience and hold their attention:


  1. Don’t read straight from a script.

    Your content should be prepared beforehand. Pick a few talking points to cover, and make sure each point is addressed in the video. If you must read from a script, make sure it doesn’t show in the final cut of the video, and that your voice isn’t monotone.

  2. Match the tone of the video to your message.

    Think about location, what you will be wearing, and the final destination of the video (videos posted to social media are typically more relaxed than those embedded on a company website).

  3. Be creative with your video. 

    When making your video, think about the creative elements you can use to make your video stand out and keep your audience engaged. This should relate, in some way, to the content you are talking about in your video. Depending on your budget, this may be a good time to consider hiring a professional team to create your video.

  4. Let your personality shine through.

    Even in a more serious video, your video should have a personal touch. Think about your personal branding; what messages are you trying to convey about yourself and your company?

  5. Include a clear call to action.

    Your video should indicate to the reader what to do after watching it. Should they check out your website? Like your Facebook page? Purchase your product? Call for a consultation?

  6. It should last only a short duration.

    Many viewers have short attention spans, especially when scrolling through social media. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, one-fifth of viewers click off a video within 10 seconds if they’re not engaged. Therefore, your introduction is crucial. The total duration of a promotional video should be no longer than a couple minutes for social media or your website. Live videos—on Facebook or Instagram, for instance—can be longer, giving viewers more of a chance to join in.

  7. Use high-quality film equipment.

    Your videos will look much more professional if they are high-quality. The image should be clear, and the audio should be easily audible, with little background noise. Try to reduce shake by using a tripod, or by using a shake-reduction software in post-production. A distraction-free background is best for videos that are meant to be more professional.

  8. Consider adding subtitles.

    Not only are subtitles more inclusive to people with hearing loss, they make it easier for people viewing the video in a noisy environment or watching with their volume turned off to understand what is being said. YouTube makes adding subtitles to videos when uploading to the site fairly easy. Amara is another free website that allows you to add subtitles to any video, as long as you have a URL link accessible.

  9. Address viewers’ questions.

    One of the best uses of video marketing is to educate viewers. Videos that answer frequently asked questions about the product or service being offered are found to be more informative and straightforward than those that only hype it up; the same goes for videos that tell a story.

  10. Make sure to follow-up after posting.

    After your video is posted, it is important to follow up on any questions and comments that viewers have. This shows that your company is engaged with its consumers, and generally cares about their input. This is a great time to direct them to more information and take into consideration any concerns they may have.


Need more help? Remember, M Marketing is here to answer any questions you may have about creating and marketing your videos. Please feel free to check out our website for more information on our marketing services, or give us a call at 505-453-2353 for a free consultation.

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